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October 30, 2013
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LOS: Contract Demon - Sir Noctis von Sanguine by TraceofHatred LOS: Contract Demon - Sir Noctis von Sanguine by TraceofHatred
EDIT May 5th 2014: NEW PICTURE Commissioned from dinmoney -
Check out the Original Version and +Watch the Artist. c: Thanks again, mate!

Noctis by dinmoney Commission Info 2014
I have worked on titles such as Anima, Battle Realms, Enascentia, Bushido, Samurai Genji, and Rise of the Rainbow Creatures. Now i want to work for you!
characters/ environments/ creatures/ weapons/ vehicles/ epic stuff/ your idea (=
PRICES: (paypal transfer fee included)
single subject rate- (little/no background)
-$22 - portrait sketch
-$27 - portrait sketch plus
-$77 - portrait full colour
-$54 - line art sketch
-$59 - sketch plus
-$107 - grayscale
-$112 - grayscale plus
-$209 - colors
full illustrations/ multiple character scenes-
-$500+ depending on complexity
payments accepted via paypal
paypal account:
*payment plan will be discussed through email
you will have a chance to make edits at several stages of the concepts development: sketch, colours, and finalizing
portrait sketch: $22 (no edits)

For More about Noctis: 

Because there's so much on him and I don't want to make a spammy submission box, I'll just include some important details here.
For the rest, you'll have to click the link, which comes with it's own table of contents, 3 additional sketches by Jinxaroni and a fullbody of him by myself. :3

More Info on everything, and multiple sketches of him (his history is still being overhauled considering how long he's been alive, so bare with me):

Other Quotes: 
     "Feign inferiority to encourage his arrogance."
     "A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions."
     "Know your enemy better than you know yourself."

Full Name: Sir Noctis von Sanguine (Formerly Sir Nathaniel Radcliffe)
Age in years: 2166 (Aging halted after 21 years), Born in 145 BC Iron Age.
Gender: Male (Though his build is not very masculine; He's incredibly slender)
Sins: Noctis has committed many sins, Most of which fall under the deadly sin; Greed
1. Devouring Human Flesh to increase his own power; 
2. Extending his natural lifespan by shortening others;
3. Killing to Steal Unique Swords from their Wielders;
4. Grave-robbing and stealing Swords from Tombs;
Kingdom: Greed - He is Lord Mammon's loyal right hand, Bodyguard, Adviser, and personal-Assassin - a Do it all FAVORED CONTRACT.
Weight: 160lb (with all of his armor and 13 swords, without is unknown.)
Height: 5'11" (same as his height when he was a human)

He's always polite, well-mannered, and very much a gentleman. 
- In retrospect, he's also quite selfish and greedy, and will not do anything unless it benefits himself.
He's incredibly blood thirsty, and loves to kill, and devour living beings. (It's how he survives)
He has an obsession with rare swords! - He has thirteen of his own though, and is unlikely to be impressed by yours. xD
He doesn't make 'friends', but rather, considers those he speaks with as 'pawns.'
He is somewhat pretentious, and has absolute self-confidence.
He is a schemer who keeps to himself, and never reveals his true motives
He is incredibly Loyal to his lord Mammon, and only Mammon! 
- He only eats Flesh human flesh is his favorite but he is not above cannibalism.
- He only drinks Blood, even mixing it into Tea, juice, wine, anything, but it must be blood!
He cannot stop eating flesh, if he starves, he slowly creeps back into mortality (decays until death).
+ He has a second mouth on his stomach for devouring remains (What's left after he eats).

Important Pawns:
Demon Lord Mammon - The Lord of the Kingdom of Greed, and most important person to Noctis.
Though Noctis likes to label everyone as his 'pawn' it's quite clear Mammon is more of a friend than a tool.
Because neither of them sleep, they often venture into the human world together to wreak havoc in the night.
     + He made Noctis eat human flesh; allowing him to transcend mortality, and become so powerful.
     + He is his right hand man - A combination of Political Adviser, Bodyguard, and Personal Assassin.
          + This usually entails killing usurpers, assassins, and rebels, or guarding Mammon in his castle.
          + When not doing these things, he is always at Mammon's side, watching over him carefully.
     - He is not afraid to interject his own ideas to Mammon to manipulate him into crueler political actions.
     + Noctis doesn't care for gold, jewels, or money, so he offers them as tribute to Mammon.
"All belongs to you, My Lord. Those who disagree shall taste the sweet kiss of the thirteen thorns of Greed."

Hedzia - One of Mammon's newest Vassals; Noctis considers her below him in authority, but is still respectful.
Perhaps one of Noctis' favorite pawns, as she is easy to manipulate since they have similar goals with Mammon.
Similar to Mammon; While Noctis will never name her as more than a pawn; he seems to enjoy her company... somewhat.
     + Before Hedzia Died and came to hell, she encountered Noctis trying to escape a heist.
          - He technically saved her by killing the police officers, but he did it merely out of hunger, not chivalry. 
     + They work together often; Usually to steal back Noctis' Sword (Vajra) from Mammon.
     - Being nearly 2000 years older than her, he somewhat intimidates her.
          + As such; he has somewhat taken her under his wing. To make her a more useful pawn to Mammon.
"For now, I will leave Mammon in your care. If you fail me, I will find you; and I will tear you limb from limb."

+/- Eulalia - A Contract of Envy; She and Noctis have an interesting relationship, if you can call it that even.
They met during a meeting between Leviathan and Mammon - where they were forced to wait outside for their lords.
The two ended up wandering Greed's Kingdom for a Time, mostly bickering and belittling each other.
They tend to Argue and have no problem showing the other their lack of enthusiasm for each other; but haven't parted ways yet.
There are many mysteries about this girl; and Noctis plans to uncover all of them, especially why he feels so used to her.
     + Noctis finds himself strangely familiar with her; as such, it has made their encounters (though bothersome) comfortable.
          - However; she seems to be cursed, as if Noctis gets too close or touches her; he goes into violent flashbacks of his life.
"I do not enjoy your company either. But for reasons I cannot comprehend; I cannot bring myself to destroy you."

+/- Edgar - Noctis isn't very fond of him; Namely because Mammon doesn't trust him at all. 
They however, have a dangerous relationship forged of mistrust and suspicion. He doesn't see him as a threat to Mammon, 
However, he sees him as a threat to his own motives; and keeps a close watch over him when he is in the Kingdom of Greed.
     + More similar than he'd like to admit - gives them a lot to talk about and makes him easy to understand.
     - Doesn't trust him at all; and has a feeling someday; they will end up enemies.
"I don't know what you're up to; but I'm going to warn you, Edgar. If you get in my way; I will destroy you."

Icarus- Icarus made the unfortunate mistake of stealing from Mammon himself when he found himself in his kingdom. 
Noctis suggested death, and repeatedly offers to do it himself. But Mammon decided on torture and imprisonment.
By now Mammon cares less about what happened; But Noctis has no respect for prisoners, or those who wronged his lord.
Although - It has become a somewhat playful tease - Often scaring or threatening Icarus for no real motivation. 
Would Noctis destroy Icarus? Well he could - but it's much more fun to make him tremble in fear each morning.
"Just remember: I am watching you; and I will always be watching you, and if you mess up again; I will destroy you."

Other Pawns (most of these are based on observation. if you want to change/add to it, please comment!):
Dysis - Dysis is another of Greed's vassals Noctis doesn't interact with much at this point.
He doesn't dislike him, but it's common knowledge Dysis is somewhat lusty.
As such, he feels sees him as he sees Demons from the Kingdom of Lust - As lower demons.
"Lust is for the weak, petty thief; Greed and Power are all that matter in this world."

Demons: He's polite to them (If he considers them pawns), will interact with them, depends. 
Demon Lords: Same as with other Demons, just more polite. Will negotiate with them for his Lord.
Greed Contracts: So far has no connection, but, as Mammon's oldest contract, he knows them all.
Humans: They are his prey, nothing more. He will be polite and kind though, even as he is eating them alive.
Angels: Has no opinion of them, slightly disbelieves in them. Will not befriend them. (Sorry Angels)

Would love to have more bonds :3 Please ask me first though, 
so we are at an understanding of how they would interact together.

More Info, pictures, and all that fun stuff (his history is still being overhauled considering how long he's been alive, so bare with me):

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